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Superkids began in 1994 as a computer education center. We are now a professional learning center that teaches students from Grade 1 all the way through high school to CEGEP.

We offer complete computer-based Math, English and French curricula from grade 1 to CEGEP. We hold the keys to success and the most experienced teachers who assist in the students´ personal learning paths. We also provide the best system, the Superkids Learning EdSystem, and the best environment with an excellent learning atmosphere that encourages student self-motivation and success.


“I really like Superkids because you learn a lot of new things and it helps for school. I also really like it because the teachers are all very nice and they take the time to teach you.”          

—  William T.M.

Our Team

M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts (1987) B.Sc. in Automatic Control Engineering (1981) Graduate study in Educational Technology, Concordia University (2008) Amos is the founder and president of Superkids, with 30 years of teaching experience

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