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Speedybee 2.0

Boost your confidence!

Are you tired of struggling with math calculations? Do you want to increase your calculation speed in a short period of time? With our proven techniques and exercises, you can improve your math skills and boost your confidence. Start your journey towards success today!

We often hear about cashiers that type in the wrong prices for some products, either purposefully or accidentally. Some parents even told me that the chances of overcharging for the goods are so high because the cashiers take quick glances at the things and make an immediate, sometimes wrong decision. Furthermore, nowadays it is no longer surprising to see someone having to type some easy arithmetic calculations such as 0.53+2.28 or 7×8+5 on a calculator.

In most Asian and eastern European countries, only students in secondary 4 (grade 10) and higher are allowed to use a calculator. Contrarily, in Canada, students as early as grade six are already allowed to one. It is so common to see students that use calculators for simple problems and mistype the answer on the computer. Then, when I come to verify the problem, the answer makes no sense whatsoever using common sense. If this happens with simple problems, how much more likely are they to mess up with more complicated questions involving fractions, percentage or algebra. I call this type of quotient, number sense. It is furthermore quite surprising how Canadians who in general have very low number sense, are able to report very complicated income tax monthly or yearly to the government directly. No wonder so many complaints, appeals and court cases occur so frequently.

Multitasking is a basic skill in today’s digitally-native kids. Today, to build up one’s skill in a short period of time is quite important, such as increasing one’s math calculation and to help kids to level up their quotient of numbers sense. In this article I would like to introduce an e-tutoring calculation training software – Speedybee 2.0 that we invented. We have tried this software for more than 10 years amongst thousands of students from grade one to secondary three ( grade nine) and have received countless positive feedback.


There are 20 types in total. It was designed to be very straightforward and user friendly. Basically the trainee answers each question by heart for each type. By spending 15–20 minutes per day or 30 minutes every two days, it is quite amazing to see how effective it is. One’s calculation speed will increase by one month’s time.


You can practice and listen to classical music at the same time to ease your motion. Each student owns two records: the personal record to see how one has improved personally and the top-60 ranking, comparing him/herself with others. Every year, we need to reset the ranking records because eventually it gets extremely difficult and nearly impossible to enter into the top 60. We often say that it really is the world record. Another amazing point is how one’s calculation speed is independent of one’s grade or age but more dependent on the time invested. There is a reason why so many secondary students trail elementary students in the rankings.

Speedybee 2.0 20 types Index:


In general, this software is very fun and self-motivating for the students. After some training you can see that most students are at the top of their class in terms of calculation speed, some even faster than their teachers. Another testimonial is that one grade six student always ranks near the top from type 1 to type 20 because for the topics that he hasn’t learned yet, there are tutorials available. Therefore, even elementary students can read the secondary tutorials and start to practice higher types by trial and error and still compete in the rankings. Tutorials are mostly numbers and operators with minimal text so any students can catch the concept right away.

Speedybee 2.0 provides instant solutions and replaces the traditional way of training which gives students papers with 50 problems to train their +, -, x and / without any instant solution. You can level up your calculation speed at least three times as fast compared to the traditional way. This software is truly revolutionary and makes a huge difference for students at class. We offer this software free to our registered students and any aboriginal students to help them out.

Amos Tsay is the president and founder of Superkids e-Tutoring Center with 30 years of experience in education. He is also a publisher of many math books, the inventor of the I.C.E learning method and the founder of FQAA (Foundation of Quebec Academic Achievement) – a non-profit organization.

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