Registration Policies

To facilitate the process of registering the students to their computers and to set-up class schedules, there will be a yearly registration fee. The registration to the courses is processed by session with the following regulations:


There will be a one-time fee of $40 per student for any type of course registration, every school year, from Sep.1 to Aug. 31.

  1. The courses that are offered includes:

    • Computer-Aided Math / English / French Program – 3 sessions per year

    • Winter Camp – Intensive Math / English / French Program – 1 session

    • Spring Camp – Intensive Math Program – 1 session

    • Summer Camp – Intensive Math / English / French Program – 4 sessions

    • Private Tutoring – 24 Hrs / Session

  2. Due to the pre-arrangement of our teachers and in order to keep the teaching quality in check, students who were absent for any personal reasons won’t be able to make-up class, unless in case of emergency (to be determined by the center). Make-up classes must be completed within the session and cannot be carried to the following session nor be given as credit.

  3. Anyone who will be absent or has a schedule conflict must give at least one week of prior notice, otherwise no make-up class will be given. In case of emergency or illness, the parent(s) will have to notify the center a full day beforehand otherwise no make-up class will be given. Each student can have up to two make-up classes per session. Students have to cooperate with the make-up class scheduled by the center without dispute. Students who had more than two make-up classes will have to pay an administrative fee of $10 per make-up class.

  4. Superkids will collect $25 of bank service fee for each bounced cheque.



The lessons are divided by sessions. The first session is 15 weeks long, one hour per week for one subject. The second session is 12 weeks long, and the third, 11 weeks. Each lesson is one hour long per week. For an even more intensive learning supplement, we offer a 9 full-day winter camp and a 9 full-day summer-long summer camp for serious students. Also, there is private tutoring available and each private tutoring session is 24 hours total. Each student generally begins with one 1-hour session and can add on hours as they choose depending on their needs. Summer/ Winter camp includes not only intense English, math and French learning but also science project, logic training, keyboarding training, geometry training, movie watching and discussion, handcrafts, and tan-grams.

The prices vary depending on the grade your child is currently in and which session your child is signed up for (see price list). The prices in the price list are for only 1 session of either math, English, or French. If your child is registered for two subjects or an increased number of hours per class, the price would be calculated by multiplying the session fee by the number of subjects or hours. For example, if your child is taking English and French, the fees would be x2. Students that are registered for two subjects per session will receive a discount of 40$. The pricing of Superkids is based on the exclusive, revolutionary ICE concept. If you want to register during the semester, we will calculate according the fraction of weeks to protect your right to a good and efficient education.

The third child from the same family (brother or sister of other Superkids students) that registering for more than two subjects, instead will receive a 20% discount on his/her tuition fee.

The winter camp and summer camp have early bird specials if you register your child before a certain date. Superkids offer coupon to FQRA contest winners. This coupon works not cash value but directly deduct from session registration or camp fee.

Referral Program

Refer a friend to register at Superkids and receive 300 points or $30 for tuition.

To register or for more information, contact us to make an appointment or give us a call at the location nearest you!