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Camp (Spring, Summer and Winter)


Fun, learning-intensive camp

3 main subjects are covered: Math, English & French

Students can complete one year’s material from school within one session in math!

A small investment leads to great educational benefits. Our computerized educational program

makes learning effective and fun. Students will gain experience and improve in many areas:

  • Logic and 2D/3D geometry training

  • Science lab experiments and crafts

  • Arithmetic/algebraic training (Speedybee 2.0)

  • Movie analyzing and discussion

  • Research project and oral presentation

  • Dictation and interactive word games

  • Typing and multimedia e-learning

Parents meeting at the last day of each session. You will get received a report card and a very detailed and concise explanation of what your child’s strengths & weaknesses are and what has been accomplished during the session as well as recommendations for the future.

Spring Camp: 1 session of 5 days (math only)

Summer Camp: 4 sessions of 9 days

Winter Camp: 1 session of 8 days

Full day sessions include Math, English, French & all activities

Half-day sessions includes either Math or English & French


RL-24 slips are issued.

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