English Program


Our English program contains over 2000 English lessons including complete training in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. The program is for students age 5 and up. Every lesson is complete with study material, exercises, tests and essay topics.

The English program at Superkids includes three components.


The students work on the program Advanced Learning Systems (ALS). ALS program is a well-known complete package for students at the beginning or intermediate level. ALS contains hundreds of graduated exercises of a variety of different types. For example, in the Writing section, you will manipulate sentences and transform them in a variety of ways, for instance, changing questions into statements, turning positive statements into negatives, putting present tense statements into the past tense, and more. Another approach is “Word Analysis,” dedicated for real beginners. Using the audio feature of the program, the section teaches to distinguish between the various sounds of English pronunciation. In addition, for students who can benefit from going beyond exercises that are strictly language oriented, ALS also contains sections on Science, Geography, and History.
ALS covers the following language areas:

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar and Usage

  • Writing

  • Word Analysis

  • Essays

Most of the exercises are self-correcting. This allows you to repeat the exercises as quickly as you can. Thus you can work at your own speed. When the practices are finished, a test is taken over the same or equivalent material. When the results are satisfactory, then you will proceed to the next exercise or the next level. The use of our program allows you to progress individually according to your abilities.


To maximize a student’s language and computer experience at Superkids, you will be ask to prepare writing assignments. For students who are at the appropriate level, they can write creative stories of their own with or without input from the tutor. Telling stories is especially productive for the students. They need not spend time doing research or reflecting on the logic of the subject. This activity develops fluency and the pleasure that comes from completing very personal, imaginative writing. Similarly, the students can work on traditional essays or compositions in which they must define and illustrate a subject, defending a point of view and becoming familiar with traditional expository structuring.


At Superkids, the progress of our students in English is paramount. We look forward to make a difference in the competence of our students in English. We realize that the time spent working on a computer, whether in ALS or on Word Processing, is only part of the answer. To maximize their progress, students are expected to do homework every week. Despite their busy schedules outside Superkids, our students are assigned lessons in a variety of books: gramma, reading, and vocabulary exercise books. Corresponding to the profiles of our students, some of these books deal with English as a Second Language; some of them deal with English as a First Language. According to the specific needs of our students, we choose the appropriate book and assign regular homework lessons, which are corrected, returned to the students, and discussed with the students as appropriate.