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English Program


Our English program includes complete training for students age 5 and up. Every lesson is complete with study material, exercises, tests and essay topics.

Our SLE English program:

Each student will have access to his/her student portal to work during class and at home. Our SLE program is a complete package for students at beginners or intermediate level. SLE English contains hundreds of graduated exercises of different types. 
SLE English covers the following language areas:

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar and Usage

  • Writing

  • Listening Comprehension

Most of the exercises are automatically corrected, allowing students to practice at home at their own pace and to practice their mistakes. Teacher will evaluate the student level from the first date and focus on the student's weaknesses.

When the practices are finished, a test is taken over the same or equivalent material. When the results are satisfactory, then the student will proceed to the next exercise or the next level. The use of our program allows you to progress individually according to your abilities.

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