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Building a personal profile at a young age

In today’s age, students are told to improve themselves constantly by diversifying their experiences, whether it is taking swimming lessons, being part of the chess club at school or volunteering regularly at the local hospital. Afterwards, once they have built their profile, being then able to market them is crucial. You may have the best personal profile in the world, however if you are unable to present it properly or in the best light possible, no one will appreciate it. However, writing a CV, cover letter and having the right set of interviewing skills is the topic for another time. 


Recently, we have helped students, young assistants and teachers in their applications towards paid and unpaid internships as well as for work and higher education. Companies like IKEA, Ericson and even the officer of Federal government in the United States have called to ask about our teachers. Not too long after, we then received calls from our staff saying that they were hired. Our many years of experience in teaching and training have led us to strongly recommend parents to build and strengthen their kids’ personal profile as earlier as possible in order to position and differentiate themselves from others. In this age where competition is extremely tough in the school as well as workplace, both quality (character) and experiences (skills) are highly valued. 

Below are six helpful tips for building a personal profile at a young age:

1)  Volunteer or work in diverse fields of work like at Superkids    (e-Tutoring), hospitals (medical), community centers (social) and participating in their training programs if they are offered.

2)  Attend different academic contests like FQRA (,Waterloo University’s Gauss I, II, Pascal (, American Mathematics competitions(AMC, orSunlife Financial Canadian Open Math Challenge (  and receive distinctions and honors. 

3)  Get as many certificates or diplomas as possible such as for CPR ( or enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB, at school. 

4)  Equip yourself with numerous skills, both academic and non-academic, such as playing sports or musical instruments as well as being able to speak, read and write multiple languages.

5)  Participate in many helpful workshops like leadership building, marketing skills, management for time, stress, wealth, EQ.

6)  Read magazines like Forbes (, Macleans (, or Time ( acquire more general knowledge.


Everyone knows that success requires hard work, focus and dedication. But most people miss out on many good things when working or volunteering.  As a matter of fact, one can receive three benefits from a job. First, there is the physical hourly or yearly wage to cover one's living expenses. Also, one can discover their talents while enjoying the work through accomplishments and achievements. Lastly, one can learn to refine their personality and expand their social network through maintaining good relationships with fellow co-workers as well as supervisors. Nowadays, more emphasis is placed on having a good character as opposed to simply having many skills because skills can be trained but character cannot. 

To conclude, below is the story shared by one of my previous student to examine what I have stated above. Mr. Kelvin Y.,a first year student majoring in actuarial science at University of Waterloo visited us recently during the spring break and shared with us how his experiences at Superkids have helped him in his life thus far.

“For those who don't know me, I was a student at Superkids for about a year and a half before I finished the program and became a volunteer and then a teacher, and stayed there for around two and a half years.


Superkids has prepared me in ways I couldn't have imagined. Of course at the time I didn't see it that way; I just had lots of fun doing logic puzzles during the summer time, trying to decipher cryptic handwriting in my notes, practicing French speaking skills and learning at a breakneck pace - which I honestly preferred over my own school's pace. 

I've recently been interviewed by several companies like Manulife; all of them asked about my experience at Superkids and all of them were surprised to hear about the nature of my responsibilities and accomplishments. I talked on occasion about Superkids when I was asked to demonstrate experience working in a team, going above and beyond (I talked about creating problem sets for software under development, updating the website, etc.), being organized (talked about how everything we do is extremely systematic; our recording system, etc.) and about the importance of being perceived as professional and experts in the field (to clients, in this case the parents and students, who are always eager to come back).  

If you have the opportunity to volunteer with Superkids, definitely take it - I promise it will do you good! If you are still a student, then you are very lucky, living in the Montreal area, to have access to what is easily the best learning resource in the country.”

The whole testimonial is recorded and can be read on the following site:

At work place do you only do your job or you try learning from others. If you are only doing it for your pay, you might want to look around you.

There are five salaries you received from your work. Find them ! 

  • 1st is physical salary 

  • 2ndis enjoy your work

  • 3rdis enjoy your interpersonal relationship

  • 4this accomplish like reach the milestone of company

5this from your work you accumulate your expertise to be an enterpriser   

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