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French Program


SLE-French focuses on French conversation, reading and writing comprehension and provides over 1000 lessons in French vocabulary, grammar, syntax and conjugation. We work with our SLE-French software developed by elementary and high school teachers, therefore the concepts covered are consistent with those taught in the regular school system. Students learn through exams, dictations, pictures, and charts. They then know to apply what they have learnt in an active environment. Our highly qualified tutors complete lesson plans for the students based on their level of French (first, second or third language) and guide them using our various French ressources.

Depending on one’s level, which will be evaluated by our tutors, parallel to the learning of French in class, assimilation, improvement or in-depth exercises will be offered to your child. It is also important for us to maintain a link with the activities that your child performs in school. The objectives set by the Ministry of Education Recreation and Sports (MELS) in the field of education are: oral and written communication, understanding of the environment that the student interact with and the transfer of wealth of culture. Therefore, during his/her time at Superkids, your child will develop the following skills:

• Communicate appropriately orally and in writing.

• Express his/her thoughts in a coherent and structured manner.

• Take ownership of the oral and written language to satisfy his/her personal, academic, and social needs.

• Apply critical thinking in oral, written, and visual texts.

• Represent language as a system and be able to testify.

• Appreciate and value literary works.

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